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Our Services

What we offer

Carpentry : All kind of joinery works including furniture

Partitions : All kind of dry wall partitions.

False Ceiling : Gypsum, Wood, Aluminium etc

Civil work : Masonry, Tiling, Block work etc.

Solid surface : Fabrication and other related works.

Glazed Wall : Installation of toughened glass, safety glass,partitions,doors etc.

Fabrication : Both in stainless Steel & Aluminium

Cladding : Aluminium, Glass, Marble, Granite, Glass Mosaic.

Electrical : Cabling, installation of electrical fittings and equipments and commissioning.

Fire fighting : Installation, inspection and termination of sprinklers, smoke detectors,heat detectors etc.

Air conditioning : Installation, ducting and commissioning.



Having understood the client's personality,taste and done the necessary research,the designer finds his/her inspiration and creates the concept,color scheme and chooses materials and textures. The client is presented with the ideas and sketches.



After the initial visit of the property, meeting with the client and taking the brief. Photographs and measurements are taken in order to produce a basic floor plan. The space planning begins making as much use as possible of the given space. Following the client's requirements and emphasizing on functional design, the furniture layout is created. Multiple floor plan options are submitted.



The concept design is drawn on CAD software and created in 3D wire frames. Colors and materials are applied then converted in 2d images with 3d photorealistic effects using 3D max and V-Ray. Haven included real life dimensions, the client can easily pre-visualize the design applied to their space and can easily makes changes to the design until he/she is satisfied.



We offer designs that assure interiors are attractive, operationally efficient, environmentally safe and easily maintained “ The goal is to create a fully integrated enviroment where the occupant loses of “how" and "why" the facility works and simply enjoy being there”



Creative, enthusiastic, knowledgeable, dependable, calm and creative is our staff. We offer skilled interior designers and project managers trained to listen to your requirements and handle every aspect of your project from beginning to end. They are supported by qualified Architects, Creative designers and skilled project managers to empower the delivery of innovative interior design solutions that will have a positive impact on your home.

Wether its classical, modern, classic modern, minimalist, country, shabby chic or electric, allow us to pin point your style, elaborate on it,reflect it with fabrics, materials and textures, enliven it with appropriate colors that suit your personality and life style and space.



Interior design plays a big role in getting customers for restaurant along with the good food and great service and because these days the competition does almost everything to get a piece of your customers, you have to try and be better than them.

Being creative with the dining environment is a good solution for doing that, as people want to eat in a pleasant atmosphere that transmits them that recreational feeling. Also, a unique interiior design will differentiate you from the ordinary resturents or coffee shops on the market and print the brand in the customer's minds.



Well designed offices can enhance concentration, provide a relaxing environment that can assist in achieving company goals and objectives

Some of the completed projects

  • Al Motahajiba – Muscat City Center
  • Bench – Muscat City Center
  • Call It Spring – Muscat City Center
  • Levis – Muscat City Center
  • Workshop –Muscat City Center
  • Lakhoos Exchange – Muscat City center
  • Nissan Service Center - Azaiba, Bhahwan Group
  • TCP – Muscat Grand Mall
  • BHPC – Muscat Grand Mall
  • Lakhoos Exchange - Qurum City Center
  • Hum Hum – Muscat Grand Mall
  • Selection World – Matrah Souk
  • Nabeel Perfumes – SeeB Souk
  • Hotel Crystal Suits – Wadi Kabir
  • Gate Way Coffee – Wave Muscat
  • Glossip Milano– Avenues Mall
  • Bottega Verde – Avenues Mall
  • Linen Club– Avenues Mall
  • Bacolod Restaurant – Avenues Mall
  • Sana Fashion –Sur
  • Blue Berry Coffeeshop– Azaiba
  • Aldo – Muscat City Centre
  • Skechers – Muscat City Centre
  • Inglot – Muscat City Centre